Have You Ever Dreamed of Running your own B&B?

Last week, we photographed the gorgeous Cobb Mansion - a Victorian style Bed & Breakfast in Virginia City.  The home was built after the Great Fire of 1875 that burnt down most of Virginia City and was purchased by William Cobb, father of the renown Nevada columnist Ty Cobb, in 1933.

Virginia City is such an amazing time capsule and the current owners of this property do such an amazing job keeping the historical feel alive.

This property was photographed for Team Musser with Keller Williams - Group One Reno

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Modern Home in Berkeley Hills

One of the many things that we enjoy about our profession is the opportunity to travel to new areas.  This client had us photograph his properties in the Lake Tahoe area and was impressed by our work.  He was so impressed that he hired us to travel so we can photograph a completely remodeled home in the Berkeley Hills.  

At first we were concerned about El Niño making an appearance for our shoot, but once we got to the interior of the property we realized that the gray skies brought out the modern design that makes this house so incredibly beautiful.   The only item we were unable to capture was the view our client mentioned to us.  The property sits high above the UC Berkeley campus and offers incredible views of the San Francisco Bay.

We are very excited to showcase this house as it was  a delightful change of scenery for us, one that we love to have more opportunities to travel to other spectacular homes in even farther away locations.

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Are you getting what you are paying for?

Lately, I've been spending more time on the MLS and Realtor.com checking out new homes coming on the market (mostly checking on the comps for houses in our area) as well as looking at what agents are doing to market their properties from a photographic perspective.

Are agents gravitating more toward the natural light look or the additionally lit look? Are they looking for more of a minimalist feel or the "lived in" feel? Do they care if there are personal effects in the photos or are they looking for a clean look? 

These are things we look at to improve our photography and better tailor our work to our client's needs.

There is one thing that always bothers us when looking at professional real estate photography - the bathroom mirror!!  

In agent photography, there are many cameras or flashes in the mirror and there are two reasons for it - 1) most agents are not trained in Photoshop to get the camera out; and 2) agents are busy - too busy to worry about the camera being in the mirror.  Those are reasons that we, as real estate photographers, get paid to worry about.

It's very hard to see that agents are paying for photos such as these:

When what you should be receiving is this:

One of the things our clients are paying for when they hire Photo-tecture to shoot a listing is to make our clients look good by the photos they get for their listing.  We work hard to make each photo look the way it is if you were standing right there.

So remember, when you are looking at your photos, do those photos represent you, your business and your listing accurately? Are you getting what you are paying for? 

Cute & Cozy Reno Home

We recently photographed a cute Reno home that, if we didn't have one already, we would consider buying as a perfect starter home.  It has a modern feel to it while still maintaining its warmth and charm - plus it's in a great in-town location!!  Where was this house when we were looking?!?

This property is listed with Amanda Alfaro with Ferrari-Lund Real Estate

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If you're going to live in Downtown Reno, where better?

Upon arriving to the 14th floor of The Palladio, we were greeted with an amazing view of downtown living.  Towering over the hustle and bustle of downtown Reno, it makes this modern living space even more inviting.  What is even more amazing is the view of the majestic landscape which makes the Reno/Sparks area such a wonderful place to live.

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Modern, Rustic & Sustainable All in One

We recently photographed a vacation rental for Tahoe Luxury Properties in Schaffer's Mill - a luxury development in the Martis Valley near Northstar-at-Tahoe called One Tahoe Place.

This ±3,900 SF property has the feel of a luxury cabin - very modern but with a rustic flare.  The home utilizes reclaimed barn wood in the entryway and outside the entrance to the garage.  The rest of the interior utilizes modern fixtures, appliances and furniture juxtaposed with a very homey feel in the colors and textures of the home.  This would definitely be an enjoyable home to vacation in, both during the winter - with its easy access to local ski resorts - and the summer - as it sits on the 1st fairway of the Schaffer's Mill Golf Course.  


Quite possibly the most amazing view of Reno

We recently photographed a property that we have been trying to get on the calendar since November.  This property has gorgeous views of almost the entirety of the Reno/Sparks area and the weather just had not been cooperating for the last two months.

Finally with a break in the weather, we were able to get this property shot - and it was definitely worth the wait.  And no matter what time of day, the views from this property were astonishing!!

This property is currently be listed by Caren Christen with Chase International.

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Concours d'Elegance - Lake Tahoe Boat Show

Last weekend we have so much fun photographing a few events.  This was the first time Kurt and I have ever been to the Lake Tahoe Concours d'Elegance and it definitely was not a disappointment.  The event was presented by Tahoe Luxury Properties (who we photograph exclusively for) and Niello Porsche and was held at Obexer's Boat Company in Homewood.  Enjoy this photo sample of some very amazing boats (and a few porsches)!!!

Scott Corridan Design

Recently we photographed a remodel / interior design project of a house in Incline Village by Scott Corridan of Scott Corridan Design.  Scott is incredibly talented and we are always excited to photograph his work!!