Are you getting what you are paying for?

Lately, I've been spending more time on the MLS and checking out new homes coming on the market (mostly checking on the comps for houses in our area) as well as looking at what agents are doing to market their properties from a photographic perspective.

Are agents gravitating more toward the natural light look or the additionally lit look? Are they looking for more of a minimalist feel or the "lived in" feel? Do they care if there are personal effects in the photos or are they looking for a clean look? 

These are things we look at to improve our photography and better tailor our work to our client's needs.

There is one thing that always bothers us when looking at professional real estate photography - the bathroom mirror!!  

In agent photography, there are many cameras or flashes in the mirror and there are two reasons for it - 1) most agents are not trained in Photoshop to get the camera out; and 2) agents are busy - too busy to worry about the camera being in the mirror.  Those are reasons that we, as real estate photographers, get paid to worry about.

It's very hard to see that agents are paying for photos such as these:

When what you should be receiving is this:

One of the things our clients are paying for when they hire Photo-tecture to shoot a listing is to make our clients look good by the photos they get for their listing.  We work hard to make each photo look the way it is if you were standing right there.

So remember, when you are looking at your photos, do those photos represent you, your business and your listing accurately? Are you getting what you are paying for?